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Our vision, values and commitments

Butachimie is the culmination of a long-term partnership between two major companies in the chemical industry. For more than 40 years, we have been working to improve the performance and longevity of our industrial ecosystem.  We understand the seriousness of our responsibilities and the challenges we face. Committed to being the industry standard in terms of quality, reliability and productivity, we are also a driving force for ensuring a sustainable future.

Our everyday goals include increasing value creation over the long term, guaranteeing personnel and process safety and promoting sustainable development.  A culture of continuous improvement drives our commitment to being the best. These goals and commitments are at the heart of our Strategic Plan, inspiring our vision of the future Butachimie.

Butachimie aspiring to
excellence and value creation

Discipline and precision come hand-in-hand at Butachimie, where we have been sustainably and continually producing the world’s highest-quality Adiponitrile (ADN) and Hexamethylenediamine (HMD) since 1974. The quality of our work, which combines complex technical processes with continual improvement, guarantees growing long term value creation for our partners. Our success is the result of the active participation and passionate commitment, day in and day out, of every one of our employees.

Butachimie s'engage pour l'excellence et la création de valeur

Butachimie’s dedication to 

Butachimie is a chemical company whose experienced employees carry out complicated chemistry processes. While proud of our work, we remain realistic—we know the risk with our business is the safety and security of people and the environment. Our employees are aware of this, and therefore are trained to prevent, reduce and manage the risks. The organization and operations at Butachimie are designed to optimize reactivity and encourage proactivity and personal accountability. Professional discipline and active participation in continual improvement are two of our guiding principles to guarantee safety.

The measures we take to protect the environment and ensure safety and security go beyond the bare minimum needed to do business, beyond even required compliance. Our continual improvement program for energy and environmental performance involves all the personnel on site, stakeholders of every kind. We are committed at every level to controlling and reducing our environmental impact and optimizing energy efficiency. Butachimie is working to protect the environment, not only through the ecological benefits that our products have, but also during each step taken to produce them. 

At Butachimie, playing a major role on a global scale, we are genuinely attached to the site and its local facilities. We are also conscious of their impact on the community. Committing to a coherent sustainability policy means encouraging our 400 employees to grow, to progress; it means supporting them in their career choices. Our company culture of knowledge transfer along with our policy of inclusion and training will mean a sustainable future for everyone.

The strengths of Butachimie

  • 35% of the world’s production of Adiponitrile
    of the world’s production of Adiponitrile
  • 20% reduction in energy use and greenhouse gases during the past 5 years
    reduction in energy use and greenhouse gases during the past 5 years
  • 33% increase in the workforce over the last three years
    increase in the workforce over the last three years
  • 25h training per person per year
    training per person per year
  • 20 million euros invested every year
    million euros invested every year
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